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A Look Behind the Scenes of Loyola’s John Malloy ’61 Broadcast Club

The John Malloy ’61 Broadcast Club streams games and school events for parents and students to watch. Established in 2015 by Nick Kohler ’17 and moderated by science teacher Andrew Uy, the club broadcasts more than 100 hours of live sports, school plays and weekly news for Loyola.

The club was founded in honor of John Malloy ’61, who died on Nov. 15, 2015 from cancer. He was known as the “voice of the Cubs” and announced Cub football games for over 30 years. His final call at the first varsity home game in September of 2015 was “Jake Malloy in for a touchdown,” as his grandson scored.

“John Malloy was the Cub announcer for 38 years,” Andrew Uy said. “His last season was three years ago and he was already sick. Everyone knew he had a terminal illness. Two years ago he received the Kael award, given to him for his services.”

The team members and casters feel honored participating in the club.

“Every time we broadcast, we are doing it in [John Malloy’s] name, and that is a great feeling,” Andrew Uy said.

The Broadcast Club started in 2015. Senior President Calvin Uy said, “It started my freshman year, and it was very small. We only had somewhere around 6 members. Since it was just started, we had little funding and no recognition of the potential. We used iPads to film off of a streaming app.”

“The Malloy family sponsors us,” Andrew Uy said. “Brendan Malloy is [Uy’s] contact. The Malloy brothers are documentary filmmakers and they do commercials. They recently did a documentary on marine life. They’re sponsored by Patagonia. They also do Nike commercials like the Super Bowl Nike commercials.”

Over the years, the club gained more members and better equipment. “We’re constantly upgrading technology in an attempt to create a better viewing experience that explore all aspects of what life is like at Loyola,” Calvin Uy said.

“The Broadcast Club expands every year,” Andrew Uy said, “Track and Field is a new addition this year, as well as volleyball and baseball being additions in recent years. Last year the Broadcast Club broadcasted 75 games.”

Events the broadcast club covers include home football, basketball, volleyball, track and field, baseball and lacrosse games in addition to three water polo games and other school events like graduation and the activities fair.

“The commentators do their research before the game, gathering both teams statistics and other facts to ensure that they can broadcast smoothly,” senior Calvin Uy ’18 said.

“The crew arrives about two hours before the game and takes all the equipment from our broadcast room to the tower above the field,” Calvin Uy said, “[The crew] then set up all the cameras, microphones, computer, and cables. And the game is then ready to be livestreamed to the audience around 15 minutes before kickoff.”

Sophomore Josh Krieger said, “At the beginning of freshman year, one of my big brothers selected two freshman to help with the broadcast of the football game. I was one of them…. The main reason why I [stayed]was because I liked the work that I was doing as a cameraman, and I felt I could contribute something.”

Senior Wiley Picket said, “Broadcast club is a great way to support Loyola and watch sports.”

The club plans on archiving all the game from past seasons that have been broadcasted. So far, the last home game, against Fairfax is available to watch and all other home games throughout the season will be available to watch on the clubs website.


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