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Admissions invites eighth graders to first on-campus shadow day

As junior high students prepare their Loyola High School applications, many will be walking onto campus for the first time next Friday, Oct. 11. More than 400 eighth graders and their parents will be visiting Loyola to experience a day in the shoes of a Cub.

Many junior high students from across Los Angeles and even more prospects from outside of the city have applied for reservations for this event. Ultimately, registration for visits was closed after attendance reached 400.

Throughout the day, these eighth graders will act as shadow students to a current Loyola student for two periods. In these classes, the shadow applicant will have the ability to obtain an inside look at the life of a Loyola student and become familiar with the teaching styles of various instructors.

Parents, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to attend four brief presentations given by the Loyola faculty.

Each shadow is encouraged to ask questions about classes, the student body, sports and the arts so that the day can be tailored around each applicant’s interests.

Cubs chosen to have a shadow are selected by the Admissions Department, which aims to select well-rounded individuals. Admissions Director Heath Utley said, “The vast majority of Loyola students will simply have a relatively normal but shorter school day. But for the shadows and leaders, the day will be full with informative activities.”

2016 will be the first year Loyola will host the Eighth Grade Visit Day. Whether the event becomes annual or not depends upon the experiences of all those who partake in it.


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