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After matriculation from Loyola High School, Robert Carr ’07 went on to earn both his bachelor’s degree in music performance from Gonzaga University and his bachelor’s degree in music history from the University of Oxford in England. Since being formally trained in the art of music, Carr has been appointed the director of music at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes in Spokane, Wash.

As a music director, Carr coordinates the Cathedral’s liturgy program and is responsible for directing two choirs and a brass quintet and playing the organ for weekly Masses. “I’m lucky to have found a career that is such a good match for who I am and the interests that I have; I have a chance to express my spirituality as well,” said Carr. “My college education helped me develop my skills as a musician, but my experience at Loyola is what sparked my interest in performing sacred music.”

According to Carr, the education he received at Loyola provided the foundation for him to succeed in music and that the courses and clubs offered at Loyola allowed him to grow as an artist. Carr said, “The seeds for my career were sown at Loyola, where I had my first experiences playing for a choir and conducting.”

Fine arts teacher Stephen Speciale first acted as Carr’s piano teacher and then as Carr’s choir director. Throughout Carr’s four years at Loyola, Speciale supported Carr’s musical creativity. “My arts teacher at Loyola was Steven Speciale. He was my choir director, and he had a big influence on my future decision to pursue a career in music. Speciale gave me opportunities such as playing for Mass,” Carr said. “He was very good about encouraging my development as a musician, not just as a singer in the choir but also as a pianist.”


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