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Ambassador Program to promote Loyola admissions, send delegates across LA

The Ambassadors Program is a new organization at Loyola dedicated to sending select groups of seniors to middle schools throughout Los Angeles in order to introduce prospective students to the Loyola High School experience. The mission was originally discussed last year but was officially implemented in early September by moderators Melvin Robert ’01 and Director of Admissions Heath Utley. There are currently 39 students training to become active ambassadors.

Loyola has had students help with presentations in the past, but this year, the ambassadors will be more involved. Utley said, “We have had students help us with presentations in the past, but wanted to increase the participation and voice of our current students in our presentations. It began this year and Mr. Robert has created the program for Loyola.”

This year, participation in the Ambassadors Program was offered only to members of the senior class. According to Utley, as the program becomes more developed it will become more open to students outside of the senior class, hoping to have students who heard the presentations give them in the future.

The ambassadors were selected by the Admissions Department to represent the school and to reach students who might not otherwise have access to important, relevant information, specifically from students’ perspectives about Loyola. These recruiters will be going to middle schools to bring about more interest to Loyola. According to Utley, ambassadors will assist with high school presentations at middle schools.

Senior Scott Tamkin said, “At these events, current seniors will share their experiences at Loyola so that the kids can have a better picture of Loyola student life.”

Ambassadors will be organized based upon geographical location and will team up in small groups.

Tamkin said, “Part of my job at these meetings is providing real life anecdotes about my experience at Loyola to these prospective students.”

The ambassadors have held five meetings, which took place both during school and on the weekends. The first two introductory meetings occurred during lunch periods and were focused on explaining the role and responsibilities of an ambassador. The other three meetings, which were held on Sept. 9, Sept. 11 and Sept. 18, were on the weekends and had activities geared specifically toward preparation for presentations.

Looking forward to the first event, Senior Noah LaBella said, “I can’t wait to be able to share the experience of Loyola and help other young men share in the wealth of knowledge and spirituality that is part of being a Loyola Cub.”


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