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Baseball Staff to Increase the Accountability of Final Rosters

Head Coach Sean Buller will enter his second season at the helm of the baseball program this year after taking over as interim head coach in the 2016-17 season.  One change that Buller has implemented this preseason, he hopes, will build up the accountability of the players on the roster.

Last Thursday, Buller gave the list of names of all returning sophomores, juniors and seniors to players, who then submitted their suggested rosters yesterday.

Buller’s intentions are not to let the players decide who makes the team and who gets cut.  Instead, Buller wants his players to realize that making the varsity or junior varsity rosters is very competitive.

Buller said, “I think that player input can really give the coaches an understanding of how [the players]feel.”

Senior pitcher Diego Avila mentioned that the coaching staff decided to cut the varsity roster down five spots, so making the roster will be more difficult for returning players than it ever was.

As the players fill out their own rosters, Buller hopes that they will realize that guys will get cut and that no one is entitled to a roster spot.

Buller said, “This is by no means players deciding on rosters and who gets cut.  I want the guys to realize that nothing is given to anyone and that playing sports is not a right. It’s a privilege to be part of any team.”


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