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Bell schedule under reconsideration, possible alternatives to be discussed

Principal Frank Kozakowski and the administrative team are considering a change in schedule for the 2016-17 school year.  

The potential schedule alteration, which most likely will not be fully confirmed until summer break, was inspired in part by the administration’s need to evaluate the 2015-16 schedule, announced approximately one year ago. “Anything we do should be assessed at its proper time and place,” Kozakowski said.  

According to Kozakowski the administrative team withheld from examining the schedule earlier this year to ensure “a true and accurate assessment.”

The potential adjustment applies to period placement for Schedules 1, 2 and 3.  Additionally, Kozakowski is considering more frequent period reshuffling to avoid consecutive weeks under the same rotation.  

For Schedule 1, which is normally implemented on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the committee is considering two main variations, but numerous possibilities exist.  The first modification incorporates two periods before recess, and the second integrates a schedule with 12-minute passing periods and no recess.  Class durations for both variants will remain 70 minutes.  

Several proposals are also in place for Schedule 2, the Monday schedule, which currently includes 65-minute class sessions.  One suggestion incorporates one, not two, periods after lunch, moving the current last period of the day to a slot preceding recess.  Monday dismissal time will remain 2:50 p.m. should this schedule receive approval.

According to Kozakowski a revision to Schedule 2 would benefit student-athletes, for many would miss only one class period for early departures to sporting events; however, Kozakowski said lunch would not start until 1:01 p.m, over an hour later than this year’s 11:48 a.m. start time.

Finally, adjustments are also being considered for Schedule 3, the current Friday schedule.  One proposal suggests at 1:30 p.m. dismissal time; to permit this change, however, lunch will be eliminated on Friday, and a 27-minute recess beginning at 10:33 a.m. will serve as the only break of the day.

To gain insight from the Loyola community, Kozakowski said he plans to administer a total of three schedule-based surveys to the teaching staff: a questionnaire featuring the potential schedule blueprints, which he already shared with the staff; a feedback form discussing consistency of class meetings; and a handout oriented towards homeroom and flex time.

Kozakowski hopes to acquire a concrete idea for next year’s schedule by June 7 or 8.  If a new schedule is introduced, students will learn about the adjustment during class orientations in August.


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