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“Cooper Cub” visits campus during historic NFL season

Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp has had a historic start to this year’s NFL season. Kupp leads the NFL in receiving by more than 100 yards. He is currently on pace to break multiple NFL records including Calvin Johnson’s single season receiving yards record.

Sophomore Jonathan Chittick, sometimes known as “Cooper Cub” for his resemblance to Kupp, is a big Rams fan, making the resemblance all the more real.

Chittick explains, “I actually find the comparisons of Cooper Kupp and me quite amusing, especially since I am a huge Rams fan and have been noticing our resemblance for years.”

Senior Chris Pieterse also finds the comparison astonishing: “It is crazy that a Loyola student looks like the guy that has been carrying my fantasy team. Cooper Kupp has been a big part of my success in Fantasy Football this year, as he is averaging almost 27 points per game in Points Per Reception (PPR). Kupp’s success has definitely made him a more popular wide receiver and has even contributed to the school spirit, as well, considering Jonathan’s close resemblance to the PPR demon.”

Fantasy football has been a big part of the school spirit at Loyola, as many are participating in leagues with their friends, and Kupp’s electric start to the season, paired with Chittick’s stark resemblance to Kupp, has positively contributed to Loyola’s overall school spirit.

Pieterse says, “Though it started as a joke, the name ‘Cooper Cub’ has turned into a mantra that brings the energy up around campus. The Rams success this NFL season only empowers the name, as it has turned into something we can all rally around, being from LA.

Senior Tristan Mangubat adds on to Pieterse comments, explaining that “the Rams success so far has been exciting to say the least. Fantasy football has been very popular this year and Kupp’s success in both Fantasy and actual football has been impressive, especially considering his performance last year. I attribute most of his success to the Rams’ new quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Stafford and Kupp have a clear connection on the field, which is impressive considering it is their first season together. Jonathan’s resemblance to Kupp has added a new element to the season, too, as the energy around campus on Monday after a Rams win is unprecedented, and I attributed some of this to Jonathan’s resemblance to the star wide receiver.”

Loyola students have been paying an unusual amount of attention to the NFL this year, and Fantasy Football has been something many Cubs have rallied around. The attention to football this year has served as a way for students to get their minds off of the stressful academic environment Loyola naturally brings, and Chittick’s resemblance to Kupp has positively contributed to the growing popularity of Fantasy Football.

Pieterse continues to explain, “Ever since tearing my ACL and being immobile, Fantasy Football has acted as an outlet to have fun yet not put stress on my leg. Seeing everyone rally around Fantasy Football, both Cooper Kupp and Cooper Cub have created a very energetic atmosphere in the commons at lunch and has made my experience with football in general more enjoyable, too.” Chittick also reports that many students come up to him daily calling him Cooper Kupp and wanting to talk about the Rams, as he has extensive knowledge of the team. People even ask to take photos with him during recess and lunch in the Commons.


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