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CUB-MITTED: Cubs Commit to Play Collegiate Athletics

“Although California will always be home, I approached the college golf recruiting process as an opportunity to experience a completely different environment, while also getting a top notch education.  Spending 4 years in Milwaukee will definitely redefine my SoCal perception of the four seasons, but it is something I am looking forward to.  Wisconsin is home to some of the best golf courses in the country and the opportunities on campus are endless.  They’re a well-knit group of guys and Coach Bailey has positioned them to win another Big East Title and compete at the NCAAs.  Ultimately, Marquette’s balance of athletics, academics, and city-life makes it a great fit.”

“Throughout the recruiting process I knew I wanted to go to an academically focused school with strong athletics as well. In addition to the academic prestige of UCSD the soccer program has become very talented and will move up to D1 next year.  It’s one of the top UC schools and since I wanted to stay in California, the city of La Jolla was perfect for me. What ultimately convinced me to make my decision was the welcoming environment from the coaches and players. Go Tritons”

“Going through the recruiting process, I was able to visit a variety of schools of different sizes and locations; I came out these visits with a strong desire to attend a medium-sized college close to a city. I ended up choosing to attend a Division 3 school because I wanted to play lacrosse and be able to develop myself as a person through academics. I decided on Tufts because of the consistently high level of lacrosse they play (they have won two of the last four championships). Also on my visits at Tufts coach D’Annolfo was always very welcoming and made me feel like I belonged there. I am also looking forward to playing with Joe Theuer (Loyola ’17) again. Finally, The location of Tufts cannot be beaten; it is a 10-minute subway ride into Boston.”

“When choosing a school, I knew I wanted a combination of elite academics and athletics. Michigan is a powerhouse in soccer, and a powerhouse athletic school in general. I connected really well with the coaches and really loved the facilities. I knew once I visited I wanted to commit. I also wanted to go to a big school with a lively college town. Like I said, I wanted a school that could challenge me academically and athletically and Michigan is the perfect school for that. The final reason I chose Michigan is because of the social atmosphere, as I can meet a lot of new people and have tons of fun while managing soccer and school.”

“The recruiting process for me in golf started this past summer when I evaluated colleges in California so I could remain close to my swing coach. UC Irvine is ideal for year-round competitive golf because of the weather.  UC Irvine presented a great opportunity for strong academics, especially in business. I was able to meet members of the team on my visit and was very impressed by the coach, his philosophy, and plan for 2018.  The golf courses and training facilities provide a great environment for me to improve my game. I also really like the location, which is close to the beach.  UCI is a large school and that is what I was looking for in a college community. I believe that I can be successful as a student and golfer during my college years there.”

“Going into the recruiting process I always knew I wanted to stay local and on the west coast. UC Irvine met all my needs. I am able to play the game I love, live 5 minutes away from Newport Beach and get a great education. They’re a really good group of guys, and the coaches are great. I look forward to be surrounded by great people who will not only push me on the course but as a student and a young man.”

“There is a great balance of academics, athletics, and easy going people at Santa Barbara. When I visited the school, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful campus and scenic views. I have always been in love with college volleyball and knew that I wanted to play for one of the top programs in the nation. I know most of the players on the team and get along with them pretty well. In addition, the UC Santa Barbara coaching staff brings experience, calmness, and knowledge to the program. This school feels like the perfect fit for me, and I can’t wait to win a couple of National Championships.”

“Entering the recruiting process, I knew I wanted a program that emphasized great academics with the right people on the baseball side. The liberal arts education at Kenyon will allow me to explore many subjects before settling on a major. I loved Coach Burdette’s style and Coach Gruenberg’s pursuit of continuous improvement for himself and his pitchers along with an experimental approach to mechanics and the science behind pitching attracted me. Both of my parents grew up within 100 miles of Kenyon so being able to be around family regularly. I’m excited for the challenge that awaits.”


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