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Cubs involved: students learn basics of sports medicine from athletic trainers

The Sports Medicine Club offers students a hands-on experience to help athletic trainers on the field and to learn more about the behind-the-scenes jobs that take place in the training room. The club, only in its second year, already has nine members helping head athletic trainer Tim Moscicki with day-to-day training activities.

Moscicki said, “Because the trainers are around, they do a lot of stuff that needs to be done. They are a tremendous help. They help with day-to-day stuff in the training room, help ice, help during games, help a lot with the baseline program and help tape athletes.”

Along with being a member of the club, Cubs can enroll in a summer school class that is taught by Moscicki. In this class, students become First-Aid and CPR certified and learn how to correctly tape an ankle.  

Sophomore Reese Turknette, who has been involved in the club for two years, said, “I didn’t have anything to do the summer going into freshman year. I didn’t play football, cross-country or water polo, but I wanted to do something affiliated with sports. I took the athletic training class. Now, as a sophomore I’m still helping Mr. Moscicki during the fall season. On gameday, we help bring out gatorade to the field, tape ankles and wrists and help out with equipment and such.”

Sophomore Adam Morales, who joined the club this year, said, “I joined it because I wanted to find out what the trainers go through everyday. My favorite part about being a member is that I get to see more of the behind-the-scenes work when preparing for a game. During games when I am on the field, I stay next to one of the trainers and just watch the game until we notice that someone is injured or just needs to be taped up.”

Open to all students, the Sports Medicine Club will host its meetings in the athletic training room after the Activities Fair on Tuesday, Oct. 4. No experience with sports medicine is needed.


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