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Cubs Raise Over $2,500 During Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Breast Cancer Awareness Week was held at Loyola from Oct. 23-27 for students, faculty and staff. Students showed their enthusiasm for this week-long event by wearing pink Loyola t-shirts and wristbands to school. During the week, Cubs raised and donated over $2,500.

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, Director of Campus Ministry Matthew Schaeffer, along with junior Adam Morales and senior Odie Deocariza led a prayer service at lunch centering around how breast cancer has affected the world and the student body. Morales and Deocariza spoke about their experiences with family members and friends that face cancer and the struggles that come with breast cancer.

Deocariza talked about support groups and the brotherhood at Loyola which uplifted him during a time of difficulty. Deocariza said, “Breast Cancer Awareness week at Loyola really creates a sense of support especially for those that know someone with Breast Cancer or any cancer in itself.” Even when it comes to brain cancer treatment the right awareness and information is necessary.

Breast Cancer Awareness Week has been commemorated at Loyola for eight years. Assistant Principal & Director of Counseling Dr. Paul Jordan ’88 said, “It is important for many to be aware of how prevalent breast cancer has become. There are so many causes out there, and [breast cancer]is something that hits a large part of our population.”

During Breast Cancer Awareness Week, t-shirts designed by students in the Cubs Against Cancer Club were sold in the student center along with wristbands. Throughout the week, many students and faculty wore pink attire to school to show their support for the cause.

Several teachers also participated in this event by incorporating the awareness of breast cancer into their lesson-plans. Teachers were provided links by the organizers of this event, Director of Student Activities Chris Walter and Jordan, to help them teach their students the importance of spreading awareness.

The money raised during the week was donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


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