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“CUBversation” seeks to unite Cub community

Loyola recently launched a social media campaign in an effort to unify members of the Cub community, according to Assistant Principal for Supervision Dr. Ricardo Pedroarias ’84.

A task force comprised of Advancement Associate Mr. Melvin Robert ’01, Director of Communications Ms. Shaena Engle and Director of Events Ms. Karin Chamberlain initiated the “Join the CUBversation” campaign, which kicked off with the celebration of Loyola’s sesquicentennial. Members of the community were invited to use the hashtag #lhs150 to share special moments from past and present Loyola events, according to Mr. Robert.

Mr. Robert said in an emailed statement, “The ‘CUBversation’ was just my catchy play on the word conversation. I wanted to make the entire Loyola community feel included, and create a name that’s specific to us.”

A key component of the social media campaign is the use of hashtags . For example, #loyolahighteachers, gives members of the Loyola community a unique opportunity to understand how passionate Loyola teachers are about their jobs, according to Mr. Robert.

In the most recent #loyolahighteachers post, veteran English teacher Mr. Terry Caldwell said, “My calling, my passion is to teach, to spark confidence and self reliance, to ignite a love for language within others, to stoke tepid dependence into fiery independence.”

Dr. Pedroarias said, “The campaign allows teachers to share their stories of what they love about teaching, why they teach, and what inspires them every day to do what they do. There are some great stories as to why teachers are so passionate about what they are doing in the classroom, and it goes beyond just the book or the subject matter.”

In addition to overseeing the “CUBversation” campaign, Mr. Robert, along with the Technology Department, Mrs. Mary Arney and Ms. Christine Alcantar, The Loyalist’s previous and current advisers respectively, reinstated The Loyalist website.

“I really wanted to see this [The Loyalist website] up and running again.  When I distributed the monthly Alumni Newsletter in the past, I would link articles to The Loyalist website so that we weren’t duplicating efforts.  The caliber of storytelling is fantastic, and the alums love to see what Loyola is like today. It’s fun for them to read your [student]work,” he said.

To join the “CUBversation,” follow @Loyolahigh on Instagram and Twitter, and “Like” Loyola High School, Los Angeles on Facebook.


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