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Discover LA: New Beverly Cinema

The evening sunset in Los Angeles gives a breath of life to the radiant city lights. Nightfall is a powerful moment as the sky settles and the city enlivens with a hubbub of spirit. Nestled with this action in the heart of Hollywood is the New Beverly Cinema: a bastion for Quentin Tarantino fandom and movie watchers alike. 

The historic New Beverly Cinema, purchased by Tarantino in 2007, features classic films in their original 16mm or 35mm format. 

 Initially built in 1929, this theatre retains its historic charm and serves as a point of connection between our world and the golden years of 20th-century filmmaking. 

Modeled after the first theatres constructed in Hollywood, Tarantino’s rendition makes for a wonderful place to spend the evening. Visitors gather from around the Greater Los Angeles area to appreciate its history and watch some of the most masterfully created motion pictures of our time. 

Filling the street of the movie theatre is a landscape of recently built shops and business fronts. This contemporary modern environment breaks from the intimate allure of the New Beverly Cinema. 

An iconic red marquis welcomes guests as they approach the entrance. Before the 7:30 evening viewing, a line quickly brims with millennials seeking a pause from Netflix and HBO. After being in a state of quarantine and isolation from the world, thousands of eager moviegoers find the New Beverly Cinema as a place of peace and solace. 

In fact, one of the managers at the New Beverly Cinema, Brian Quinn, said “A lot of regulars come here, three, four, five times a week.” 

As the line diminishes and people find their seats in the theatre, Brian Quinn welcomes the audience. He introduces the films for the day’s showing and establishes the formal etiquette within the theatre. He asserts that all cellular devices are to remain turned off, and a failure to do so will result in being kicked out. 

“No exceptions,” Quinn says. This rule “is strictly enforced.” 

A murmur of voices and excitement fills the space as the motion picture begins to light up the projector screen. Then, silence. 

If you are seeking time outside and away from the fast pace of Los Angeles, I highly recommend that you experience the famed New Beverly Cinema, located just 5 miles from Loyola High School.


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