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Distinguished Speakers Club attends presentation from actor, comedian, and photographer

Moderated by English teacher Karen Jardine, the Distinguished Speakers Club has attended two different off-campus events about distinguished speakers who are recognized in the arts and sciences and has invited two speakers on-campus to come speak to Loyola students regarding athletics and journalism.

The Distinguished Speakers Club was invited to attend events hosted by the Distinguished Speakers Series of Southern California at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. The club met speakers such as actor and comedian John Cleese on Nov. 11, photographer Platon Antoniou on Feb. 21 and theoretical physicist Michio Kaku on Mar. 13.

Jardine said, “The guest speakers that come to California are well-known in their respective fields. Having them here and come talk to the students, parents and faculty allows them to gain a better understanding of what their profession might be in the future,” said Jardine. “The events help students, in particular, decide what they might pursue and hear first-hand the work it takes to get there.”

Junior Peter Zinsli attended the Kaku presentation. “I signed for up this event because I enjoy physics, especially its possibilities and how it affects our world; and I wanted to learn more about Michio Kaku, what he does, and what his formula represents.”

Senior Daniel Lytle, president of the Distinguished Speakers Club, said, “I have enjoyed every event the club has participated in and has hosted, and judging by consistently strong attendance, many other Cubs have too.”

The club will also meet former CIA director Leon Panetta on Apr. 10 at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills.


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