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Dr. Ann Holmquist appointment to VP for Mission

As an expansion of Loyola’s efforts to maintain and bolster the school’s Jesuit educational mission, Dr. Ann Holmquist was appointed Vice President of Mission in late July. The newly created position puts Dr. Holmquist in charge of overlooking the processes and activities that deepen Loyola’s identity as a Catholic Jesuit school.

Speaking on her appointment, Dr. Holmquist said, “Our mission is potentially palpable in everything we do; we are on the lookout for God in all things, whether that be on an athletic field or court, on a performance stage, in a classroom or boardroom, on an Urban Plunge or a College Tour, in the throes of debate or the details of a science experiment, an art project, or classroom presentation. Each of us at Loyola is responsible for bringing the mission to life.”

According to Dr. Holmquist, her responsibility also includes overseeing the Jesuit Sponsorship Review process, a method of self-study that has the administration reflect upon 10 principles that make a Jesuit school Jesuit. The review process is designed to accommodate Loyola’s Ignatian background and is intended to help the community grow in the Catholic identity and Jesuit mission.

Dr. Holmquist began her journey at Loyola in 2008 as Co-Director of Adult Spirituality, a position that she still currently holds. Leading Adult Spirituality consists of creating activities such as retreats and reflections and offering guidance through spiritual conversations and providing spiritual direction for the faculty, staff, board of directors, parents, and alumni in line with the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

While serving as Co-Director for Adult Spirituality, Holmquist held the position of  Assistant Principal for Ministry from 2010-17; however, with her new appointment to Vice President for Mission, she will no longer be the Assistant Principal for Ministry.

Dr. Holmquist said, “As Fr. Goethals put it in his announcement, the new position is a response to the signs of the times. This is going to be a year of discovery as to how I can best serve the community.”


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