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Excitement for first dance builds

Student Council hopes to draw a record number of attendees with its first dance of the year which will be held on September 19, with a new setup, increased number of student performances, and a more dynamic music set.

According to junior class representative, Ryan Parks, “Student Council organizes the entirety of the dance by deciding the name, theme, and any exciting additions. We constructively look back on last year’s dance and discuss things that could be enhanced to make the dance even better.”

Junior Chris Kessler said the dance improves each year: “I’ve attended the dance since I was a freshman, and each year it seems to get better. I think the change to a main stage with three dance sections definitely improved the atmosphere and made the dance all the more fun.”

According to members of the incoming freshman class, the first dance has a reputation as the most exciting and rewarding experience to kick off the new school year. Freshman Cameron McNeil said that he has been looking forward to the dance before even applying to Loyola.

“I was told by a school representative that the first dance is one of the most fun events of the school year. From the moment I heard about the dance, its size and its activities, I had started counting the days until I can go,” McNeil said.

Sophomore Ryan Valte attended the dance last year and said that it is about more than just dancing. “The dance is definitely fun because of the activities, but that’s not even the coolest part,” Valte said. “Meeting new people, especially girls who come from all over Los Angeles, is definitely the most enjoyable.”

Although details of the first dance cannot yet be revealed, Director of Student Activities and Student Council Moderator Mr. Chris Walter said that the first dance is to be even more of a worthwhile event to attend as final plans and preparations are made.

“We have planned this year’s dance with four or more possible setups for the main stage and three DJs to perform,” Mr. Walter said. “We also have a few, new and exciting names for the dance in circulation that will be revealed to students shortly.”

Anyone interested in performing on the student stage at this year’s dance is encouraged to contact Mr. Walter in the student center.


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