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Father-son teams volunteer at local service sites

Loyola students and their fathers participated in the second annual Father-Son Day of Service on Saturday, Dec. 12. The Father-Son teams served at 14 different sites throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, where jobs included painting, building, landscaping and event assistance.

Community Service Coordinator Mrs. Angela Moran said, “The Father-Son Service Day is an opportunity for students to give back to the community during the time of Advent. It is also an opportunity for families to come together and for fathers and sons to bond.”

The volunteers began working at their service sites at 8:30 a.m. The maintenance repair sites included the California Hospital Medical Center and Good Shepherd Center.

Sophomore Patrick Hubbs also volunteered at the California Hospital Medical Center and said, “It was enjoyable being with my father.” His father, Mr. Dan Hubbs, said, “It is fun any time I can spend quality time with Patrick while making a difference in our community.”

Other service sites included St. Thomas Parish, Blessed Sacrament School, Our Lady of Talpa School and The Ronald McDonald House in Pasadena, where volunteers helped with painting and repairing houses.

Junior Matt Skidmore, who volunteered at St. Thomas Parish, said, “I enjoyed spending time with my dad and helping better my community.” Mr. John Skidmore, father of juniors Kevin and Matt Skidmore added, “I hoped to make a difference in my son’s school community by helping those in need, and I did that while bonding with my son.”


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