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Freshman Water Polo Battles to a 6-7 Mid-Season Record

Led by Head Coach Matthew Schaeffer, the freshman water polo team is off to a 6-7 record in the season.

The freshman water polo players have different backgrounds in water polo. However,  Schaeffer made efforts over the summer to get the entire team on the same page before the season began.

Schaeffer said, “We had weekly practices. In addition to summer practices, many players played for club teams over the summer break.”

Adjusting to a new setting, the freshman players are transitioning both into highschool and onto the team itself.

Freshman captain, Robert Varley said,“While I played on a club team previously, there are several reasons that I like the Loyola team more than the club team. The coaching at Loyola is phenomenal, the team works well together, and I’ve improved on both offense and defense tremendously.”

Having several games and practices under their belt, the freshman water polo team is ready to finish out the rest of the season.

Varley said, “My goal as a team is to have every player love the sport as much as I do and to have fun too.”

In addition, Schaeffer believes that the freshman water polo season allows freshman player to mature as players and as men.

Schaeffer said, “I believe that sports should always teach us about other aspects of life – how we should approach studies, work and relationships, so I try to convey that in the way that I coach.” The Aqua Cubs will face Mater Dei on Oct. 25 at home.


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