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Freshmen participate in CY1 program

Over the summer, Loyola commenced their foundational program for the class of 2026, allowing the students to learn about the Loyola experience and start their new educational journey. As a way to warmly welcome over 300 freshmen on campus, this program is called Cub Year One: First Year Foundations (CY1).

The Cub Year 1 summer program began on June 21 and served as a month-long course designed to integrate freshmen smoothly into Loyola as opposed to the traditional three-day long orientations in previous years. This mandatory program was offered in two courses, the summer session course and the accelerated course, and offered an insight on how Loyola as a whole functions. Both summer courses were split into five separate sessions, each session focusing on a different Grad at Grad value while teaching freshmen necessary skills to transition into the school year.

Over the course of the program, the class of 2026 was able to adjust to Loyola’s technology platforms such as Canvas and Powerschool, meet their counselors for the next four years and develop a sense of Ignatian spirituality. In addition, they were able to meet their peers for the first time and get a sense of who they would be with for the next four years.

To emphasize the impact the CY1 program had, freshman Nathan Boskovich said, “The main lesson I learned during the CY1 program was understanding what it meant to be a man for and with others. The program helped me to familiarize myself with the campus and the school itself.”

Helping freshmen with their transition into campus, the CY1 program also helped in allowing the class of 2026 to express themselves. By creating a faith crest in the shape of Loyola’s crest, freshmen were able to showcase their personality and interests while taking in the Loyola spirit. They were also to create six word memoirs, which expressed their excitement to finally have a full year of school in person through looking back on their pandemic struggles. Both the faith crests and the six word memoirs by the class of 2026 are available on the Loyola website.

Although the summer program ended in early August, Loyola will continue to help freshmen throughout the year through monthly Cura Days, a chance for the entire student body to come together and reinforce their sense of community and school spirit. In addition, upcoming events such as Freshmen Retreat in October will demonstrate the Loyola experience and continually help freshmen understand the central principle of Loyola: “cura personalis.”

Senior Elhanan Anteneh commented, “Since I missed half of my freshman year and all of my sophomore year, I think the CY1 program would’ve helped me in getting to know what Loyola has to offer, and I would’ve been able to get to know more of my classmates before the year even started. The CY1 summer program is a great addition and will definitely help freshmen in future years.”

As the class of 2026 continues to adjust to their new community with the help of their teachers, big brothers, and, of course, their peers, their spiritual formation in this program served as a base for their development in the future as they endeavor towards being a Cub for Life.


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