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HTC gears up for the Shakespearian classic, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Hannon Theatre Company returns to the stage to perform one of Shakespeare’s most produced comedies, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The classic play was previously performed at Loyola in 1996. All current members of the Company, including the cast, the crew and the directors, are prepared to provide each of their perspectives for the production.

Senior Chris Speciale, a member of the cast, said, “We are producing a new take on Shakespeare; while modern, it is also dark; there are many struggles between responsibility of love and power.”

Throughout the interim of preparation, new ideas, such as an entirely original music score of modern influence by music director Mr. Steven Speciale, contribute to the company’s many successes.

Mr. Speciale said, “I have gotten a cellist and violinist to play the piano trio music for the play along with me. I’m happy to see that the artistic and creative aspect of our school is being brought out.”

Mr. Walter Wolfe, director of Hannon Theatre Company, has great confidence in the group and said, “When people come to see a Hannon Theatre Company production, they know that they are not going to have to sit through two or three hours of bad high school level theatre. The cast and crew are both humbled and excited by the expectations to do their most dedicated and committed work.”

Many members of the cast express excitement and determination to be able to perform a Shakespeare play.  Sophomore Jake Guinane says, “It is really an honor to be able to perform one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. We [the cast]really had to work hard to discover the true qualities of our own character; it was difficult, yet exciting.”

In addition to the cast, the stage crew expresses their creativity on the sets of the play, hoping to provide a strong interpretation of the setting of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Mr. Wolfe said, “The crew has acquired skills in theatre production that have allowed them to grow technically and artistically for the play and future productions.”

Sophomore Lenes Lopez-Gonzalez said, “I attend after-school crew meetings every Friday; although it takes a lot of effort, it is a good experience to contribute my skills into portraying the most creative setting for the play.”

A complex and multi-faceted play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is a “difficult production for both the audience and the performers to grasp,” said Mr. Wolfe. The play provides a profound message, according to Mr. Wolfe, “as also a metaphor for our society and how to find harmony as a people, a message that resonates on so many levels today.” The Hannon Theatre Company hopes to draw the audience and present a different Shakespearean experience, rather than one of confusing language and interpretation. Mr. Wolfe added,  “Those that are coming to the theatre for the first time—who have never seen a live theatre performance before—my advice is to get ready to be thrilled by what the theatre can do.  It isn’t like the movies.  It isn’t like television.  It is an experience you’ll never forget.”


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