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IN-BRIEF: Student dress code policies revised

Dean of Men Daniel Annarelli made some changes to the student dress code for the 2016-17 school year.

Students are now allowed to wear polo shirts untucked from their pants or shorts. Additionally, students may wear pants of black or grey denim. However, joggers and camouflage are prohibited.  

The Dean has also set restrictions on certain types of clothing. “Every pair of shorts should have a button, pockets and extend more than halfway down the thigh,” Annarelli said.  Shorts may not have a drawstring, and prints with inappropriate images, landscape scenes and––out of respect for the flag–– the American Flag are not allowed.  Polos may not extend beyond the pockets.    

Boat shoes, casual loafers and pants with rivets will not be allowed at school liturgies and other functions where formal dress attire is required.

-Conor Gaffney

The Loyola Mothers’ Guild held their first meeting of the year on Aug 30-31 to welcome new parents and set goals for the upcoming school year.

From 6:30 to 8:00 pm on Tuesday and 8:00 to 9:30 am on Wednesday, Loyola moms met in Xavier to discuss the upcoming fundraisers and the new school year.

Courtenay Palaski, mother of junior Jack Palaski, and a member of the LMG Board, estimated that there were about 60 people present on Tuesday and around 140 guests on Wednesday. According to Courtenay Palaski the two meetings are spaced out to give mothers with conflicting schedules an opportunity to attend the event.

-Marco de Cardenas

Eleven courses have been added to the 2016-17 academic catalogue, according to Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Scheduling Andrey Aristov ’80.

The Advanced Placement English Language course will now be offered to seniors who did not take the AP class in their junior year.

AP Computer Science Principles and Computer Programming are two new courses added to the mathematics department.

In the theology department, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles now requires Catholic high schools to offer eight semesters of theology, rather than six from previous years, and juniors are required to take a full-year Theology 3 course to fulfill the theology requirement.

Music 2 was added to the fine arts department; Honors Mandarin 3 and Mandarin 4 courses was added to the foreign language department.

New non-credit academic enrichment courses include Advanced Digital Photography, Journalism, Personal Finance and Writing Workshop.

-Nicholas Salinas


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