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Lance Ochsner has served as an Educational Technologist at Loyola for nine years. His role includes assisting teachers and students with technology, managing the Media Lab and overseeing the audio-visual needs of the classrooms.

“Additionally, I teach on an as-needed basis when teachers assign video projects. In those cases, I teach on a wide range of topics related to video creation,” Ochsner said.

Ochsner grew up in Wichita, Kansas, and went to school in the Goddard School system from kindergarten through senior year. The small size of the school system fostered a strong community. “There were 163 people in my graduating class, many of whom I went to school with for 13 years,” Ochsner said. He went on to attend college at Pepperdine University to pursue his passion for acting.

Unlike most of the Information Technology Services members, Ochsner does not have a background in technology; instead, he acted as a liaison between the technology team and the staff, using his knowledge of audio-visual equipment.

“I knew the former Director of Technology, Philip Molebash, from college. He asked me to help out over a summer during which I installed most of the projectors in the school. After that summer, a position opened up, and I applied for it,” Ochsner said.

Outside of Loyola, Ochsner is very involved with his church, spends a lot of time with his family and plays recreational soccer.

Pursuing his interests in videography, storytelling and faith, Ochsner has been able to get involved at Loyola through his co-moderation of the Short Film Club and his participation in the Curious Catholics Club.

“I have a passion for storytelling. I have a Masters in Professional Screenwriting and spend a lot of time writing movies, and I continue to act on occasion,” Ochsner said.

Ochsner said he values the “hard-working, genuine individuals who like to have fun.”

Ochsner said, “I know that if tragedy strikes in my life, many people will back me up with prayer. Maybe all of these things add up to ‘Community.’”


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