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Inside Loyola Counseling: Marlena Ludwig

A Long Beach native and recent addition to to the Cub community, Marlena Ludwig brings  her background in mortgage and finance to the educational field, serving as the new Counseling Office Coordinator since March of this year.

After attending Long Beach Wilson High School, Ludwig wanted a change of scenery for her college years: “ I wanted a new experience in a place where the town was really made for the school and where everything revolved around the school and the school spirit. Amherst had that very great sense of community,” she said.

While attending the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Ludwig became involved in the financial housing market and mortgage sector. During her college years, she said that though not intending to be involved in mortgage in her future, she gained experience while simultaneously earning her degree. “I started out as just an office assistant and eventually became a loan coordinator and processor. I handled a whole bunch of files all the time, and it was very high stress, detail-oriented and fast paced, and this will hopefully help me keep up with all the counselors here and all you students,” Ludwig said.

After graduation in 2011, Ludwig continued her career in mortgage by aiding people in purchasing their first homes. In regards to this career choice, she said, “It was very great and awesome to help people make their first housing purchases, but it was very stressful with high-stress people.”

Soon after her involvement in mortgage, Ludwig made the transition to the educational field, realizing that it was the area that she was most passionate about. “It was not as enriching as helping kids get to college or through school because these people, even when they get their house, weren’t as happy as you guys are when you get into the school you want or get an A on your test,” Ludwig said.

Ludwig joined the Cub community this March and is now in charge of all organizational tasks related to the counseling department. Her work includes distributing and creating informational flyers for students, provides transcripts for counselors, and organizing events on campus.

In addition to her role as Office Coordinator, Ludwig aids in the logistics for the Case Studies Program, college visits, Career Day, college admissions and the College Writing Workshop.

Aside from her role at Loyola, Ludwig said that she enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her family. “ I have a daughter who is only nine months old and getting to spend time with her and watch her grow has been amazing” Ludwig said.

Ludwig said that one of her favorite aspects of Loyola is how driven the students are to be successful on a daily basis: “ I graduated high school in 2007, and the changes that have happened on college admissions are tremendous just from then to now, and to see how driven you students are to better yourselves and your lives is very unique to Loyola.”


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