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Junior Classical League places at SCRAM

The Junior Classical League (JCL) competed against students from all over California at the annual Southern California Regional Amicii Madness (SCRAM) competition at University High School in Los Angeles on Nov. 21.

One of the contests that the JCL took part in was Certamen, “a Latin Quiz team competition.” said moderator Mrs. Teresa Kawamata. The upper team, consisting of senior Josh Gonzales and junior James Marquez placed second in advanced Latin knowledge, and the sophomore Certamen team, consisting of Jarmayne Deala, Anthony Stenzel and Jordan Lee, placed second in Level 2 in the SCRAM Certamen competition.

Lee said, “I enjoyed competing with my fellow Certamen teammates. It was a great chance to brush up on our buzzer skills. I am happy with second place because it gives my team and I a platform to grow to achieve first place at the state competition.”

Besides the Certamen team, the club also participated in friendly competitions of dodgeball, basketball and other sports and activities at SCRAM. “The events are designed for students to show team spirit and to meet new people from different high schools.” said Mrs. Kawamata.  

Lee said, “I met some new people at SCRAM. JCL is and always will be a growing family, and we are always meeting new people.”

Sophomore Kai DeGuzman, a member of JCL not on the Certamen team, said, “I really enjoyed SCRAM. I was able to socialize and meet people from many other schools.”

Mrs. Kawamata said that the Loyola JCL showed excellent team spirit at the competitions. “The Loyola guys made their presence known with spontaneous Loyola chants throughout the day. Whether Loyola teams are playing an exciting round of dodgeball or an intense round of Certamen, there are Loyola Cubs in the crowd supporting them,” Mrs. Kawamata said.

The next JCL competition, CARCER, will be on Feb. 6 at Sage Hill School in Newport Coast. CARCER will consist of the second Certamen competition and other activities.

DeGuzman said, “I am looking forward to CARCER and hope that our Certamen team can perform well and that the rest of the club can meet new people and have a great time.”

Mrs. Kawamata said, “New members are still welcome.  If they’re taking Latin, they’re welcome. The upperclassmen mix with all the underclassmen and try to have a variety of activities.”


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