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Letter from the Editors-in-Chief

What’s up Cubs! We are so excited to welcome you all back onto campus with this first edition of The Loyalist. As crazy as this year has been, we want to celebrate our return to normalcy by showcasing one of the most integral components of the Loyola community: our newspaper. As an aspiring group of writers and editors, the new Loyalist staff hopes to share our passion for journalism by providing a creative and informative paper for the whole school.

This year may be the most pivotal in Loyola’s history. As a student body, we are tasked with defining Loyola’s culture and ethic, and that is an opportunity we should not take for granted. Previous freshman classes entered into a school with seniors who had three years of Loyola experience under their belts, and new underclassmen grew into the culture that surrounded them. But that culture is no longer clearly set in stone. You freshmen and sophomores will be the only current classes to experience even a full three years at the place we call home, so make the most of its opportunities. You will emerge as true leaders in the rest of your time at Loyola, so find your passions, treat each other with respect, and be a community of support and guidance for your fellow Cubs.

Juniors and Seniors, we are the torchbearers of Loyola’s legacy, the only classes to experience the Freshman Retreat or a true introduction to Loyola. But we don’t have to keep everything the same. We have the opportunity to make Loyola more of what we want it to be, to determine our role models and our values as a school community and as Cubs outside of school. As a student body, we can choose to be complacent, or we can choose to get involved, to serve others, and to cheer deafeningly.

The mission of The Loyalist is to provide students with an outlet to revitalize their creativity, embrace their passions for writing, and learn the foundations of quality journalism by connecting with their peers and Loyola faculty. Rather than absorbing information through a screen, our transition back to a fully in-person paper grants students a new opportunity to learn about and share unique events that occur within our school.

As the voice of the student body, The Loyalist will provide a platform for students to share their voice about prevalent news stories, issues, and opinions revolving around our Loyola community and will allow students to impact positive change through writing and reporting.

The Loyalist is not just a volume of articles dedicated to covering general events that occur every year; it is a visionary newspaper designed to showcase the noteworthy, exceptional, and peculiar stories that shape the Loyola community into what it is today. From unexpected thunderstorms during a school retreat to students’ views on foreign policy, we seek to invigorate the spirits of our student body to read, reflect, and learn from a diverse range of topics.

We are extremely excited to spearhead this year’s paper and provide amazing editions for you all!


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