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Local middle schools come to campus for HSPT preparation

Loyola students and 8th-graders from various schools around the Los Angeles area arrived on campus on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 5, for the first session of the HSPT-8 Tutoring Outreach Program. 

Every Loyola student participates in this tutoring program during freshman year, but many continue to help after freshman year. During these sessions Loyola students help 8th-grade students prepare for the HSPT. This event introduces freshmen to the Loyola community and the life of service that comes along with being a Loyola Cub.

Freshman Taihiro Thomson-Cook, who participated in the first session of the year, said, “Being a man for others, I think that’s exactly what tutoring represents.”

For many freshmen, this experience marked their first time participating in community service. 

Thomson-Cook said, “Tutoring kids that were just a grade below me was a new experience for me. It was a good experience for the people who tutored because they now know how it feels to teach someone.”

Many older students feel as though the tutoring sessions are an eye-opening experience. 

Sophomore Alejandro Sanchez said, “You don’t realize how much of an impact you have on younger people, and it was a great way to share what we learn as good students at Loyola.”

More importantly, however, the tutoring acts as a gateway to other community service opportunities and motivates students to participate in a variety of programs that exist on and off campus.

Sanchez said, “I think it’s a great way to get freshmen to start doing community service, and it certainly helped me branch out and seek more ways to help out my community, such as serving on the weekends and going on an Urban Plunge.”


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