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Loyola begins to review applications for 2021 class

Loyola High School’s nine-person Admissions Committee is reviewing incoming high school students’ entrance applications from across Los Angeles for the incoming class of 2021.

According to Loyola’s admission page, all candidates must submit an online application, which consists of a personal essay, a curriculum vitae and a parental spiritual dimension form. In addition, the applicant’s school must submit letters of recommendation from the English and Math teachers, principal and the Pastor as well as the student’s transcripts and standardized test scores from sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Applicants must also take the High School Placement Test (HSPT).

The HSPT is a standardized test that eighth graders who apply to a Catholic high school must take. Published by the Scholastic Testing Service, the HSPT’s testing time is about two hours and thirty minutes and consists of five different parts.

Thus far, about 730 applications have been submitted. “We are looking for an entering 9th grade class of 315,” said Utley. In years past, approximately 45% of those who apply are enrolled.

Loyola’s HSPT-8 Tutoring Program provides an opportunity for over six hundred eighth grade students from inner-city schools to receive free tutoring in preparation for taking the HSPT. While the program is mandatory for all freshman to volunteer a minimum of two sessions, upperclassmen are still encouraged to partake in this event. Sophomore Scott Kase volunteered for all five sessions last year and said, “I felt fulfilled helping others prepare for the entrance exam; I know the students I worked with are better prepared and ready to take the test.”

Two opportunities to take the HSPT exam at Loyola are Saturday, Jan. 14th and Saturday, Jan. 21. If they are not able to take the test either of the two days, the student may take his test elsewhere and submit his scores to Loyola.

On March 3 the class of 2021 will have their notification letters mailed to them. By March 14 the registration for those who choose to attend Loyola must be completed.


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