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Loyola Community Gathers for All Saints’ Day Mass

The Loyola community, students and staff, came together for the celebration of the All Saints’ Liturgy on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Director of Campus Ministry Matthew Schaeffer said, “This Mass is especially important because it is not only a Loyola celebration but a worldwide celebration, as All Saints’ Day is celebrated by many throughout the world.”

During the Mass, the Loyola community recognized the 25th anniversary of the Jesuit ordination of the Rev. John Quinn, S.J. For his homily, Quinn reflected upon meeting with two saints during his time as a priest: Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa. Quinn also reflected on his journey as a priest and expressed his gratitude to be a part of the Loyola High school community. He explained the significance of the beatitudes and that we all should follow them in our everyday lives.

Quinn said, “The Gospel reading of the Beatitudes was a very important reading because of our theme All Saints’ Day. All saints follow the Beatitudes as a pathway to become a saint.”

Schaeffer said, “The Mass really helped students focus on the ways we are called to serve. These liturgies really bring Loyola’s community together because they are some of the few times the entire community comes together as one for our faith.”


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