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Loyola should add a Senior Line at Z’s

For as long as Z’s has been at Loyola, and even longer, there has been a senior line, a small privilege seniors have waited three years for, which allows us easier access to our food, especially around the upcoming early application deadline, when every minute counts. But with the commotion caused by the reconstruction of Xavier Center, there is now only one Z’s location, and there is no traditional senior line. And although everyone has had to make sacrifices because of the renovation, we, the Loyola seniors, have to already come to terms with the loss of the iconic Loyola graduation experience on Hayden Circle. Now we are also lamenting another lost tradition, the honor of a senior line at Z’s. 

The reintroduction of a senior line at Z’s would not be difficult to add to the current configuration of the line. We could separate the two tables that border the inside of the area from the outside, creating an extra opening for seniors to file in. And if needed, there could be a designated person checking ID’s for the appropriate graduation year to make sure that no underclassmen try to slip into the line. The one Z’s location fills up seconds after the bell rings, and instead of talking to our conselors about college apps or teachers about letters of rec, we are anxiously standing in an impacted line so that we can get something  to eat.

While we realize that student council has limited power in many of the projects going on at Loyola, we urge student council to make a concerted effort to implement a senior line at Z’s and help a busy guy out.


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