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Loyola Spirit Week 2017: Recap

The week of October 30th through November 3rd is the annual 2017 Loyola Spirit Week. Each day brings a new set of activities and a special lunch pertaining to a theme for each day of the week. Director of Student Activities, Chris Walter said, “Spirit Week is a great opportunity for the students and faculty to get out of the everyday routine. [Spirit Week] falls a couple months in and tries to create some excitement and a new atmosphere to Loyola.”

On Day 1 of Spirit Week is Dodger Day. Every student at Loyola is given the opportunity to wear their favorite Los Angeles Dodgers’ gear as a way to rally support for the local team taking part in the World Series. A special “Dodger Dog” lunch is served on this day. Sophomore Class Representative Gus Marshall commented on the day saying, “Dodger Day was my favorite day this Spirit Week. I had a great time sporting my Dodger gear in support of my lads in the Series.”

Day 2 of Spirit Week fell on Halloween and, consequently, students were allowed to wear their costumes in honor of the holiday–just so long as the costume is appropriate. At lunch a special costume contest was held with the winner being a student dressed up as Loyola’s very own Mr. Nicholson. Costume contest finalist Jinho Myung (dressed as a young Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) said, “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and the costume contest is a fun way for me to show off my costume.” The costume contest isn’t just an activity for the participants. The audience chooses the winner of the contest through applause and cheering, making the event interactive for everyone involved. Mr. Hayes was a spectator of this year’s  contest and was very impressed by the costumes and creativity of the participants. He said, “This year’s costume contest was one of the more memorable contests in all my 17 years at Loyola mainly for the impersonators. The costumes based on Mr. Nicholson and Mr. Uy were spot on.”

Day 3 of Spirit Week fell on All Saints’ Day and a special school-wide mass was held to honor this day. Father Quinn gave the homily for the mass, in which he described the importance of the saints. This day Mr. Zeko delivered a different lunch consisting of taco plates served at lunch in the Commons with each student picking out their meat and toppings in any combination they want. Mr. Walter commented on this day saying, “All Saints’ Day mass is this Wednesday, which is an important part of Spirit Week to celebrate as a community this day.”

Day 4 of Spirit Week was Jersey Day. On this day, everyone on campus is allowed to sport their favorite team’s jersey. At lunch break a special dunk tank exhibition is set up and for a small price each student can take throws at faculty in an attempt to soak teachers and staff. The staff taking part in the dunk tank includes Mr. Ahern, Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Sustaita, Mr. Lyne and most notable among the faculty participating is Dean Annarelli and Mr. Moscicki. A Carl’s Jr. catering truck also came to Loyola on Thursday, bringing in a new meal for students aside from the usual Zelicious Eatz.

Day 5 of Spirit Week was Hawaiian Shirt Day/Blue and White Day. It was on this day that all students were allowed to come to school in their favorite hawaiian shirt and accompanying outfit.

Every year the events of Spirit Week are put on by Mr. Walter and the young men on student council. The men on Student Council organized and oversee the events of Spirit Week, and, as a result, Spirit Week is major source of pride for these boys.

Sophomore Class Representative Gus Marshall said, “I really enjoy participating in the organization of Spirit Week. It’s one of the best times in the year to be on student council. There’s a lot of involvement and its a really great opportunity for students, especially freshmen, to get active in events such as dodgeball.”

This feeling of enjoyment and pride isn’t only in the men on student council but it spreads to the supervisors as well.

Walter said, “I enjoy working with student council, but mostly I enjoy seeing the guys on the yard having fun.”


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