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Loyola Students Begin Volunteer Grocery Delivery Service

Loyola students Henry Kupiec ’22 and Hudson O’Hanlon ’21 recently founded the organization Groceries for Good to help the elderly and people with underlying health conditions in higher risk demographics for COVID-19 shop for food and supplies during a time when simple tasks like grocery shopping can put their lives in jeopardy. Groceries for Good has met weekly, primarily in Manhattan Beach, since the start of the pandemic. 

Kupiec said, “During the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, we noticed that many at-risk individuals were prevented from shopping at the grocery stores they had grown dependent on, such as community-favorite Trader Joe’s, which does not have an online delivery service.”

Kupiec himself completed over 50 deliveries, in addition to coordinating and organizing deliveries other students have made around Los Angeles, and he is excited at the growth of the organization. He explained, “The thing that excites me about Groceries for Good is the number of people we have been able to impact through service. Every single one of those deliveries brought some sort of relief to community members, which inspires me to continue my mission.”

Groceries for Good started with just Kupiec and O’Hanlon; however, the group has recently been expanding the leadership team, allowing the organization to cater to a larger audience. 

Kupiec and Hudson, who both raised over 2100 pounds of food and supplies for the El Camino Warrior Food Pantry, supplied over 1700 meals to students and families and used their Loyola connections to inspire in fellow Cubs a sense of urgency to help others in need.


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