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Man on the Street: Halloween Costumes

Mrs. Melinda Wiggins said, “My favorite Halloween costume was the Loyola boys who came to school dressed as brides.  They were dressed up as brides and bridesmaids, and they had little bouquets of flowers.  It was very funny.”

Mr. Michael Porterfield ’76 said, “I loved the punk-rock theme that the ladies of the staff wore.  I also loved Mr. Kozakowski as Iron Man, and I can’t remember the student’s name, but he was Barack Obama’s twin.  Those were my favorites.”

Mrs. Pat Salvaty said, “The best costume I’ve ever seen on a Loyola student were three guys that came as q-tips,and they stood together on the loading dock. It was fantastic and funny. They wore blue with white hats. Some people go to buy these elaborate costumes, but I thought that those guys were funny.”

Terry Caldwell said, “My memorable halloween costume was about fifteen years ago or so when Mr. Bill Thomason who now works over at Rupert on advancement was the Dean of Men and he came in as a very unattractive cheerleader with the wig and short skirt and the pom poms and the whole bit. I’ll never forget that it was a traumatic experience for me to see him in a cheerleading outfit.”


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