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Modern-Day Poets and Composers Club Allows Students to Share Musical Passion

The Modern-day Poets and Composers Club allows members meet and share original raps and music and plan school dances. The Club was established by Jamal Adams 99′ and is now moderated by English teacher Douglas Brown.

“The clubs members are mostly focused on rap, hip-hop, and DJing, but the club also has a band with a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist and singers,” said Sophomore John Michael Filippone. “Members of the club vary in their interests which allows us to explore all different types of music and expand our knowledge of music during meetings.”

The club had a stage by the loading docks for both Cubchella and Cubchella Weekend 2. This year was the second year the club fully planned the entire Cubchella Weekend 2 event, which was held after the Varsity football game against the Serra Cavaliers.

“For the event on Friday, me and six members of the club arrived around four o’clock,” said Senior Tobias Orvin.

“It took around three hours to set up the table and DJ equipment and sound, which was done by myself and Mr. Brown,” said Orvin. “We also helped with the lighting, which was done by a hired professional. During the dance we had six DJ’s that each performed separately, and we also had hypemen to help get the crowd dancing,”

The club has developed more influence over the dances with each passing year. “The MPC club becomes more and more involved with the dance every year,” said Director of Activities Chris Walter ’93.

“Most recently, they have been involved in discussions about lighting as well as music,” Walter said. “This year, in addition to the clubs own stage, an MPC DJ also had a thirty-minute set on the main stage. It’s a step in the right direction.”

Members engage in musical collaborations and exchange ideas. Sophomore Anthony Martinez said, “I joined the club because it’s a great experience for me to collaborate and learn from other musicians; it also allows me to meet and collaborate with other DJ’s around the school, which is a great, unique opportunity.”

“Being a four year member of the club, I have experienced the major progress that this club has made,” Tobias Orvin said. “The club has provided an amazing experience and the ability to be able to meet and work with other musicians has been one of my best experiences at Loyola.”

The club plans also plans to be involved with more school events and, possibly, to have more independent events as well.


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