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MPC Club Highlights School Events With Live Music

The Modern-day Poets and Composers Club, moderated by English teacher Douglas Brown and basketball coach Chad Yates, hosts live performances at school dances and during certain lunches. The club’s purpose is to examine the works of modern-day poets and composers along with the history of the artist.

Brown said, “In MPC, I hope that students involved will get a wider appreciation for all types of music. I like the way that we have used music and art in essence as a means of social justice.”

Club meetings, which are held every Monday and Tuesday, frequently involve members collaborating artistically with other members as well as bringing in new music to discuss. Students take an in-depth look at the music, its background and its history and connect it with poetic styles.

Harrison Kelley, one of the moderators of the club, said, “What I love [about the club]is the broad taste in music that everyone has and the bouncing around of ideas and collaboration.”

Seniors Tobias Orvin, Harrison Kelley and Brendan Bury lead the club and help Brown organize the meetings and events. The club has around 10 recurring members that come every week and share their ideas and projects with the group.

Loyola’s MPC Club not only provides music for school events but also serves within the community. Members of the club serve at schools that lack musical program funding to play or teach instruments. All of the members in the club serve at St. Raphael Elementary School for an ART Jam and teach students how to play instruments. Cubs hope to inspire and influence the children by setting a foundation for music.

The club also uses art as a means of responding to acts of social injustice. MPC members commemorated the life of Sandra Bland by serving at a poetry reading in Downtown LA. Sandra Bland was an African-American women who was arrested and died three days later in her jail cell; much controversy arose surrounding the circumstance of her arrest and death. Cubs helped set up chairs and assist with the lights for the event; Brendan Bury and Harrison Kelley performed live music at the event.

Brown said, “The MPC and the work that we have been doing really helps address the rift between the police and the community along with bringing people together despite the serious trauma and sadness that surround these issues.”

Sophomore Will Sturgeon, who joined the club last year, said, “We set up music gear for the kids and teach them how to use it, which is one of the things that I really like about being a part of the club.”

Kelley said, “I really enjoy teaching music to kids. It really makes us feel like we are helping out the community.”

On Tuesday Nov. 14 and Thursday Nov. 16, the MPC Club organized live DJ performances during lunch. On Tuesday Nov. 21 they also performed during Community Lunch to kick off Thanksgiving break. The MPC Club has many upcoming events around campus that they encourage students to attend.

The MPC Club also organized an ART Jam at St. Raphael Elementary School in effort to inspire students to play and learn instruments. Students will also help set up and organize for the next Sandra Bland Poetry Reading event in LA. Both events will take place in the spring and are open to anyone who would like to help.

The MPC Club encourages all students that are fond of music of any kind to stop by L201 during lunchtime on Monday or Tuesday to meet new people with common interest.


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