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New Loyola Club to Utilize Aerial Drone Technology

The Aerial and Action Cinematography club utilizes drone-assisted photography around campus.

Co-President Junior Alexander Bombino proposed this club to moderator science teacher Fawzia Qazi.

Bombino said, “I took some very nice shots with the drone in the air and with the GoPro. I had so much fun with the drone, I thought, ‘Why not start a club for it?’”

Qazi said, “So one of my students, Alex, came up with this idea, and I thought it was very interesting; I thought that one of its missions could be to take aerial shots that could help the school in a certain way. I think the technology is very interesting; if I was young right now, I’d totally have a drone and be playing with it all the time.”

Qazi, Bombino and Senior Co-president Connor Ladwig created this new club to further their members’ understanding of drones.

“The club is really just a further understanding of how use this technology,” Bombino said.

Bombino said that club plans on having preliminary demonstrations to prove the technology is safe.

“It’s going to be a lot of demonstrations, basically, just flying around and going out to the baseball and football fields. We want to demonstrate the ability of the drones to better understand the technology,” Bombino said.

They have plans to use the drones for even more activities beyond photography.

Qazi said, “Once we get more students involved, we can get more ideas of what to do with the drone technology besides filming the school.”

The club looks to the future on expanding drone use on campus.

“We plan on having video and photography competitions, drone races and obstacle courses,” Bombino said.

Qazi said, “Hopefully we can get bigger, get more students involved, be able to have some sort of funding, and maybe purchase more technology.”


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