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New Xavier Center will allow Loyola to host more events

Additionally, the building will have new landscaping, a guardhouse and gates that open and close. Loyola is considered a little too accessible, and gates will be added around campus.

Diaz said, “It is going to be much better. From day one of entering, it will be so good, whether it is welcoming freshmen for their HSPT tutoring, accommodating all of the communities we serve or using this space in ways that we cannot even imagine.”

The old Xavier building could not be divided up. The kitchens bathrooms were cramped. The male restroom was even located up a flight of stairs.

Goethals said, “Dividing the building up will allow us to have several things going on at the same time. It is going to be soundproof and the kitchen will be accessible. We will learn all kinds of new things in there that we didn’t even anticipate and the changes will make life better and easier.” 

The features mean the building could simultaneously have a banquet in one area, a lecture in one area and even a Mother’s Guild in another area.

Diaz said, “It is a way to serve the community around us because we get a lot of requests from various schools to use our space.”

Banquets, academic testing, and even classes can take place in that space of the building since Loyola is always in need of classrooms and lecture spaces.

Goethals said, “To create a building that lasts into the future, this building definitely meets all of those requirements.”


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