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Open House Showcases Activities and Curriculum to Prospective Students

Loyola High School’s annual Open House was hosted for around 2,100 prospective students and family members on Sunday, Dec. 10. At the Open House, students had an opportunity to talk with various teachers from each department, learn more about the academics, experience what a typical class is like at Loyola and talk to coaches one-on-one about the sports Loyola offers.

Mathematics teacher Judy Dell’Amico gave presentations for the math department. She said, “I hope that prospective students get a feel for the campus and a feel for what the school is like.

Seventh grader Anthony Cruz from the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary School was a prospective student at the Open House.

He said, “Being able to sit in a classroom and listen to the teachers talk about Loyola and the classes offered was really motivating. I love the feel of the campus and how nice everyone is.”

Theology teacher Michael Shawver said, “We hope that every student will feel like this is a good place for them where they can fit in. We want them to see themselves here on this campus maybe next year or the year after.”

Director of Student Activities Chris Walter ’93 coordinated the student volunteers for Open House. He organized the student council forum with the members of the student council and answered questions that prospective students might have.

Walter said, “The most important component of the Open House is that prospective students have the opportunity to talk to current students, teachers, coaches and moderators to get a feel of who they might be interacting with once they get to Loyola.”

There were also tables set up in Xavier Center for prospective students to talk to various students and teachers to learn more about the academics and sports.

French teacher Fred Jacob was one of the teachers that hosted a table in Xavier. He said, “At the Open House, I tried to recruit students to want to learn french at Loyola by educating them more about the french program. I hope that I peaked students curiosity.”

Diane Arias, Administrative Assistant for Admissions, was also in Xavier center. She was stationed at the admissions table answering questions from the prospective families.

She said, “This year, there were more and more younger families, especially sixth and seventh grade families. There was even a fourth grader who stopped by the booth. It was a very successful event. Sometimes, for a family, it’s their first introduction to Loyola.”

Sophomore Ethan Brack, who showed around prospective students the Open House, said “I hope students gain greater insight into what Loyola is all about. As a prospective student myself in 8th grade, attending the Open House was an eye opening experience that made me really love Loyola.”

One of the many goals of the Open House is to paint a full picture of what a student attending Loyola will experience.

Dell’Amico said, “After students have been here throughout the day, I hope that students get a feel that we don’t just care about the academics and we don’t just care about the athletics; we care about the whole person.”


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