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Philosophy club resurfaces to discuss various ideologies

The Philosophy Club has recently resurfaced under the guidance of English teacher Thomas Marsh and juniors Nicolas Duran, Nicholas O’Donnell, Matthew Franklin, Cade Shore and Alec Zbornak.

The club plans to meet every Thursday to discuss different ideologies and their applications to everyday life.

“It’s a chance for curious, like-minded students to get together and explore topics openly without any judgment and without any intellectual limits,” Marsh said. He said that the large majority of discussions are grounded in broad, existential questions.

“I think to a certain extent we’re looking to cover various philosophical models and understand them,” Marsh said. “We have different ways of exploring different thoughts and that gives us a chance to inquire into our own lives and what matters to us now and why the big questions are still relevant for humans and probably always will be.”

Franklin said, “I would find it interesting to have the club discuss religious philosophy, as students in different theology classes and from different backgrounds offer a wide variety of interesting topics for discussion.”

O’Donnell said that the topics discussed vary every week. “We’ll talk about certain philosophies and worldviews and have open-ended discussions,” O’Donnell said. “In addition to those, we plan to host guest speakers and explore philosophy in books, TV shows and movies. Generally speaking, we hope to broaden the perspectives of our members by providing a place for elevated philosophical discussion.”

The philosophy club has had multiple iterations over the past years based on student participation. “I’ll have years where students who are interested will drive the club for a few years, and then it’ll sort of disappear for a while, and then it’ll resurface,” Marsh said.

“It always exists if people are ready to populate that space. That’s not always the case, but when it is the case, you often get some really fantastic things happening with the right guys in the right space at the same time,” Marsh said.


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