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Prospective students and parents witness the daily life of Cubs on annual Eighth Grade Visit Day

The Eighth Grade Visit Day gave prospective students the opportunity to shadow current Loyola students so prospective Cubs could witness firsthand what an average day at Loyola is like. The eighth graders were led on tours around Loyola’s campus and experienced the fun and challenges of Loyola classes.

In regards to his experience of Loyola culture, visitor Chase Jacobs said, “My favorite part of the shadow day was seeing the classroom culture that was very inclusive and interesting, making me want to be a part of it.”

Student guides of all grade levels brought their shadows to one of two classes and introduced them to other students during recess and lunch. The newcomers had the opportunity to meet teachers, observe a class and live out the schedule of an average day. 

Campus Ministry Assistant Christian Astran said, “I believe it is very important that prospective Cubs attend the visit day so they can discover if they are up to the challenge for Loyola’s rigorous academic courses.”

Regardless of whether they observed a senior, junior, sophomore or freshman class, the visitors got the chance to witness the high caliber of Loyola academics; this inside look at a typical Loyola class will offer the applicants perspective when they consider which high school they will choose next year.  

Astran said, “Loyola has a very challenging course load no matter what classes you take. It is imperative that the eighth graders understand this before committing to Loyola.”

The event ended with students  rejoining their parents at a concluding mass in the gym.


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