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Senior class prepares for service projects

The members of the class of 2017 are currently preparing for their month-long service projects that will begin on Jan. 9. The projects range from volunteering at an inner city pre-school to spending a night on skid row. As a requirement, each senior must complete a total of 78 hours over the course of three weeks; however, most seniors have exceeded the requirement in past years.

Senior Nicolas Moritz will be volunteering at St. Margaret’s Center, a social service organization that assists schools, homeless shelters, centers for disabilities and domestic abuse shelters. Moritz said that he is ready for the upcoming challenges and is thrilled about his volunteering choice

Moritz said, “I’m very excited for my service project. I love serving people, so the idea of serving people who would really appreciate my help is very appealing to me. I think that I will be able to obtain a greater grasp on the realities in Los Angeles because I will be working directly for and with the less fortunate.”

Senior Vincent Vinuya is going to be working at Project Angel Food, a non-profit organization located on Vine Street in Los Angeles that helps feed the sick and needy. “I will be preparing meals for people with life threatening illnesses,” Vinuya said.

Community Service Director Tom Zeko said he is looking forward to the seniors’ projects, asserting that the projects will be a formative experience in each student’s life.  

Zeko said, “They save the whole world, they save all of Los Angeles. They are going to get a renewed sense of themselves, their abilities and their skills for helping the greater part of the Los Angeles community. They will get a real experience of what it means to be a man for others.”

Seniors Spencer Song will volunteer at St. Anthony’s Catholic School in El Segundo, helping out with everyday school classes and extracurricular activities.

Song said, “The community service office really wants us to interact with people for our project. Just being there and setting a strong example means a lot to these kids, and I think that we often underestimate how these kids will look up and follow our lead.”

Zeko contended the service projects are selfless, providing a meaningful experience to those who are willing to put in the work. “It’s a three week occasion to actualize, love, generosity and leadership,” said Zeko.


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