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Senior Tyler Wills performs acrobatics in Aerial Showcase

On October 22 and 23, senior Tyler Wills performed in Believe Studios’ aerial arts showcase after five months of time-consuming training, demonstrating his skill on the aerial hoop.

According to Wills, rehearsal for this show meant hours of practice per week with his troupe and additional preparation for his solo. “Rehearsals for this show began roughly five months ago in April,” said Wills. “I underwent over twenty three hours of training per week for the group performance and another five hours perfecting my solo. Besides my scenes, there were performances on the aerial silks, aerial hoop, trapeze, pole, aerial cube, and chandelyra.”

Even though the time commitments and rehearsal schedules are rigorous, Wills believes that his time on stage helps him to lead a balanced lifestyle against his demanding academic workload and daily struggles.

“I find performing almost liberating. With an extremely busy schedule balancing five AP classes, performances allow me to temporarily leave behind all of my daily stresses and simply be in the present. As you can imagine, it is really difficult to worry about physics homework when you are spinning in the splits ten feet above the ground.”

Because he has been training since a young age, Wills currently participates in advanced level classes; however, he encourages any interested student to pursue aerial sports, no matter their skill level.

“Aerial is an amazing activity whether you want to become a performer, stay in shape, or just have fun. Don’t be afraid especially at the beginner level!” said Wills. “In LA, there are many aerial studios. My personal favorites would have to be Cirque School and Believe Studios. All you have to do to start training is sign up for your first class.”


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