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Seniors to attain CRP, first-aid certification

One year ago, Principal Frank Kozakowski conceptualized the idea that all Loyola students should graduate with CPR and first-aid certification. Kozakowski met with Senior Magis facilitator Michael Barnhill and athletic trainer Tim Moscicki to discuss how CPR training would be included in the Magis program.

Barnhill works on the coordination aspect of the course and is in charge of overseeing the entire course. Since seniors have Magis at different times during different weeks, Barnhill sets up the course in coordination with the seniors’ schedules. Barnhill said, “I do all the coordinating for the class, and Mr. Moscicki does all of the teaching and lectures.”

Moscicki is the main instructor of the class, being certified from the American Heart Association in proper first aid, CPR and use of an AED. Moscicki presents two lecture periods and one hands-on period for each class in Otero Lecture Hall.

Although the class is relatively short, both Barnhill and Moscicki have received numerous positive comments regarding the program from both parents and students. Barnhill said, “I’ve had many parents come to me and tell me how glad they are that their son took a CPR certification course.”

The course is currently only available during Senior Magis. Last year, Moscicki taught the course to all seven periods of Magis throughout the year. Both Moscicki and Barnhill agreed it was more difficult to coordinate due to the change in the senior’s course schedules during the second semester. This year, the course is available throughout the first semester only.

Ultimately, Barnhill and Moscicki assert that training the seniors in first aid will make them leaders of competency and men for others when they are needed.


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