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Short Film Club plans agenda for new movies

This year, the Loyola Short Film Club, led by Educational Technologist Mr. Lance Ochsner, plans to expand on last year’s success by creating more original projects. The members of the club are focused on developing original screenplays and forming them into films.  

“Right now, the students are focused on coming up with ideas for films.  My most recent assignment for them was to come up with an original idea that could be formed into a script for a movie,” said Mr. Ochsner.  

Junior Charlie Link is focused on completing the first film of the year by Christmas.  “I started a script on a horror story having to do with Halloween.  It wasn’t finished by Halloween, but I still would like to finish the movie before winter break,” he said.

In a club meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 13, sophomore Connor Jamieson pitched an idea for an original screenplay he plans to write. Jamieson said, “I’m planning a screenplay about a prom favor turned into becoming an accomplice to covering up a crime with a twist.”  

According to Mr. Ochsner, the club responded positively to the idea and looks to write and film a movie based on the idea.  

Mr. Ochsner,  hoping to build on last year’s success, said, “We finished one movie by the end of last year, and this year the consensus among the members of the club is that they want to make at least two or three movies by June.”

The club is using most of the same equipment as last year.  Mr. Ochsner said, “We’re using a 7D DSLR camera, which is a still camera that shoots video, to film our movies.  We also plan to use the new iPhone 6S because it shoots in 4K video, the highest resolution in commercial cameras.”  

Mr. Terence Stephenson, the co-moderator of the club and ITS Manager/Apple Engineer, added, “For editing the films, we’re using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, which are the same softwares we used last year.”

Mr. Ochsner and Mr. Stephenson are prepared for a year of hard work that will lead to making more films and better films than in years past, creating the most successful year in the history of the club.


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