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Student Feature: Junior Miles Kenney gets the crowd going

Junior Miles Kenney, an aspiring DJ, has turned the tables at parties, weddings and schools events.

When someone says the word “DJ,” the first names that come to mind are Avicii, Hardwell or Calvin Harris. However, Loyola has several DJs of its own that many music fanatics may not have heard of, one of which is junior Miles Kenney. By day, he is an ordinary junior who goes about his schoolwork inconspicuously, but at night, when he plugs in his headphones, he becomes a DJ known as Grasshopper Miles Kenney.

As a matter of fact, many students have probably heard Kenney DJ, whether they realized it or not. If you attended either of the Loyolapaloozas, then you have heard him.  He also performs at events outside of Loyola such as parties.

He said that his foray into electronic music started when he received his equipment as a Christmas present last year – a Pioneer DJ Set. In addition, he said, “My older brother, who was in Loyola Class of 2014, had many friends in high school who were into deejaying. As a result, I had been around this stuff growing up.”

However, Kenney said that he never really had a passion for deejaying until coming to Loyola, and that the people who listen to his music incite this passion, “I feel a connection to my music, and I love seeing people enjoy what I can do for them.”

He also added that music is very closely intertwined with his personal life. “With regards to other aspects of my life, music provides a sort of sanctuary,” Kenney said, “If I have a rough day at school, or I need a break from homework, I always have my computer and my controller to put my mind at ease.”  

When asked about what events he will be doing in the near future, he mentioned that he will be deejaying for a Bar-mitzvah in January. On a final note, he stated that, “Of all my events, I definitely enjoy deejaying for my Cub brothers the most, especially at our school dances.”


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