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Students Explore Universities in San Diego

The sixth annual San Diego College Tour, hosted by Loyola High School, took place on Monday, Oct. 16. Students who participated departed from Loyola at 6:00 a.m. and embarked upon a three hour bus ride to visit San Diego State University, University of San Diego and University of California, San Diego. Forty-two students, along with Loyola counselors Geoffrey Joy ’72, Angela Reno-Valvardi, and Jesse Rueter went on the tour.

Sophomore Benjamin Bautista enjoyed the tour. Bautista said, “The college tour is going to help me make my choice of college because it gave me a lot of information on what the strengths of these colleges and universities are, in what they specialize and on what their highest ranking majors are.”

Sophomore Carter Ferris also found much value in the trip. He said, “I liked that I could physically go on the college campuses. I got to know the campuses, see the different types of extracurriculars they have and figure out the tuition.”

The students had an admission session and walking tour at each of the three universities that they visited.

Rueter said, “The San Diego College tour is important to students because I think it is good to get a glimpse at the different college options out there. You can clearly see on this trip the difference between the Cal State school, the UC school and the private option.”

Students learned many things about the colleges from this tour; senior Jake Guinane obtained information that will help him decide where he will apply.

Guinane said, “San Diego State stood out to me the most because the price is perfect, all the opportunities it offers are great and the location is amazing, as it is right in the city.”

Joy shared a similar opinion. He said, “The best part of the tour for me was San Diego State because I think that it is a good value. I never appreciated it before, but I do now when I go there on a tour.”

For sophomore Eric Carstens, this was the first college tour with Loyola that he attended. Carstens said, “The college tour met my expectations well. I expected to receive a lot of information about these universities and the overall college application process, which I did. I was glad to familiarize myself with it.”


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