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Summer session to open doors to 976 enrolled students

Loyola High School will offer its five-week Summer Session to begin on June 20 and end on July 22, offering a total of 93 courses throughout the five weeks.

Registration for Loyola’s Summer Session, which was open to males and females in sixth grade through eighth grade, began on March 9 and ended on May 25. However, late registration will be available until classes start for an additional fee of $40 per class.

According to Director of Loyola Summer Session Judy Dell’Amico, 976 students have registered for Loyola Summer Session as of May 31, and 71 of those registered students are female. Class periods are 75 minutes, and four periods are offered each day with a recess and lunch break.

The English, science, fine arts, social sciences, mathematics and foreign language departments all offer courses during the summer session. Current Loyola students can also take classes in summer reading, college essay preparation and college test preparation.

While some courses are focused primarily on academics, other courses focus on student interests such as Driver’s Education, Peak Performance: Highly Effective Teens, Study Skills and Computer Programming.

The session also features classes designed to coincide with specific Loyola courses such as summer reading classes and Advanced Placement preparation courses in the science department. 

Sophomore Cole Edwards said,” My favorite thing about the Summer Session is that it gives class a more relaxed feel. It allows me to get ahead in math while keeping a fun classroom environment.”

The current seven-period schedule allows for a hybrid algebra-geometry course for freshmen who do not place into Geometry. This course is two periods long, and the rising sophomores take Algebra 2 or Honors Algebra 2 the following year, eventually graduating having completed some level of calculus.

Dell’Amico said, “I think it’s a great opportunity for younger students to be able to experience Loyola and see if it is a school they are interested in attending. It gives them a chance to meet the teachers and see how we run things.”


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