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The acclaimed Windowpanes literary magazine publishes 45th edition

Loyola’s award winning art and literary magazine, Windowpanes, which has been moderated by English instructor Terry Caldwell for over 40 years, celebrates its 45th year of publication. The student-run publication releases a single publication every year and features over twenty contributors in this year’s edition.

Windowpanes invites both student and faculty to exhibit their personal works of art, and one of the publications distinct features is its wide range of artistic mediums. Pieces can range from fiction and nonfiction literature to visual art such as photography and painting. While contributors are allowed to choose their own individual topics for their respective pieces of literary work or artwork, pages are formatted so that poems and pictures which pertain to similar subjects are grouped together.

Caldwell said, “It’s nice to give both students and faculty the chance to express themselves through their art piece.”

Every year, Caldwell designates two students to be editors for the publication. For this edition, senior Horace MacVaugh was selected as the art and layout editor and junior Pascal Jakowec was selected as the writing editor.

MacVaugh said, “My favorite part about being the editor was being able to look through the copious amounts of student artwork. I loved seeing who submitted what and to see the potential in some people.”

Commenting on the editing process, Jakowec, a three year veteran of Windowpanes, said, “The editing process wasn’t nearly as arduous as it was exciting. I was graced with the responsibility of conducting the literary voice of our institution.”

In its 45 years of publication, Windowpanes also has been recognized by Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) for its outstanding achievement, earning more than 15 gold medals. Developed by Columbia University in New York, CSPA is designed specifically to promote excellence in journalism. According to Caldwell, the group are hoping to be nominated for CSPA’s Gold Crown Award, which is the most prestigious merit in the competition. Along with winning an award, Jakowec said, “[This year’s goal was] to publish a sincere representation of the artistic passions and abilities of Loyola’s students.”

Every year the staff chooses a new theme for the publication.  Last year it was Chiaroscuro, a testament to the diversity of the school manifested in various works of art across different mediums, and this year it is Contrapuntal. MacVaugh said, “Contrapuntal is a music term so a lot of the design aspects and layout is inspired by music, like the music bar and piano keys.” Jakowec added, “This year’s theme speaks to both the socio-political diversity and the spiritual unity of our school’s population simultaneously.”

With the release of Windowpanes the staff is already looking forward to planning next year’s edition. Roberts said, “Being given the opportunity to help design a magazine that showcases the amazing work of our Loyola students was truly a blessing. I am very pleased with the end result, and am already looking forward and planning next year’s edition with Miles O’Brien-Schridde.”


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