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The American election: A paused video

An ever-changing state. An uncertain future. The United States has been running down a never-ending rabbit hole filled with random uncertainties. We the citizens are the Alices (Reference to Alice and the Wonderland) that attempt to figure out and accept our fate in our democracy. 

Our Election is many things: it is the future of our nation,  the elevation of an individual to our nation’s highest office, and the safety net that catches our fall. This year seniors and other members of the Loyola staff have cast their vote hoping to help decide the future of our nation.

As a nation built upon differences, there will always be a line that splits its citizens. This split has always been present, but never to the extent seen today. Our current president, Donald Trump, has refused to concede and brought up false information as well as legal efforts to impede the transfer of power to president-elect Joe Biden.

“I just think it’s an embarrassment, quite frankly,” said president-elect Biden. “How can I say this tactfully? I think it will not help the president’s legacy.”

This uncertainty at the highest office in our nation has been a source of unrest for many, giving way for thicker lines in the sand. We are at a pause in our political movie, 

This ceasefire in our government has been to the detriment of our current situation with the US plagued by an invisible enemy that has thrown us into darkness. This conflict is the worst possible situation for the stability of the nation. We are already struggling to keep COVID-19 under control and this refusal of conceding power could be the demise of our nation.

Many Americans are hoping for a new light with the hail of a new president, but this unrest does not foster righteousness, it is merely a stubborn unwillingness to relinquish power. It is the very thing that stands against our democracy.


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