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The case for Trump

In a 2016 essay, Michael Anton argued the election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton posed a Flight 93 scenario where Americans would either storm the cockpit and potentially save the country or sit idly and watch the country collapse. In his essay, Anton argued that the election of Hillary Clinton would mark the beginning of the American collapse while Donald Trump represented the last opportunity to prevent an American decline.

The 2020 election between President Trump and Joe Biden poses a similar choice: Are Americans willing to hand over their country to the radical Left? While Joe Biden purports to be a moderate, the fears of a radical lurch to the left during a Biden presidency should alarm Americans. Kamala Harris, Biden’s vice presidential choice, was a co-sponsor of Medicare for All legislation and the Green New Deal, and Bernie Sanders has said a Biden Administration would be the most progressive in American history.  

Even if some believe this election is not a choice between socialism and American exceptionalism, the Trump Administration has achieved feats past administrations have only dreamt of accomplishing.

Few Americans remember the importance of radical Islamic terrorism during the 2016 campaign. The frequency of terror attacks made it seem as if Americans had been desensitized to the violence. ISIS was controlling territory the size of Ohio. 

After his inauguration in 2017, President Trump sought to swiftly destroy the ISIS caliphate. In less than three years, the caliphate had been destroyed and the leader of ISIS has been killed. 

Moreover, President Trump went above and beyond his duty to protect the country. In the beginning of this year, President Trump authorized a drone strike that killed top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani who was responsible for countless harm inflicted on Americans. However, all of these confrontational actions failed to spark global chaos. 

In 2016, Americans were told Donald Trump would incite endless global war, but forty-five months into his presidency, President Trump has not led the United States into a new foreign war even as tensions with Iran and North Korea reached a boiling point; instead, President Trump found ways to broker peace. Last month, President Trump joined the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Israel in signing the Abraham Accords, normalizing diplomatic ties between the nations and marking the first time since 1994 that an Arab nation normalized ties with Israel. Recently, Israel and Sudan formalized diplomatic ties, prompting Sudan’s removal from the state-sponsor of terror list. Furthermore, there is hope that Saudi Arabia, a significant supporter of Palestine, will normalize ties with Israel in the coming months, especially with the King of Saudi Arabia approving Bahrain’s involvement in the agreement. With radical Islamic terrorism on the decline and the Arab world willing to normalize diplomatic ties with Israel, peace in the Middle East seems possible because President Trump took a different approach, shunning the Washington elite and military-industrial complex and focusing on what motivates different nations.

In contrast, during his tenure as vice president, Joe Biden appeased the Iranians. The Iranians and the Obama-Biden Administration created the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which unfroze billions of dollars in Iranian assets and provided the Iranians with $1.7 billion in cash. At the time, fears of the Iranians harnessing a nuclear weapon were rising, and the Iranians were sponsoring terror throughout the world. The deal allowed the Iranians to continue the enrichment of uranium with no inspection guardrails. Furthermore, the sanction relief allowed the Iranian economy to grow, providing more opportunities for Iran to fund terror in other parts of the world.

While President Trump was leading the world towards peace, the American economy was growing and providing opportunities for all Americans. Before the coronavirus, the economy was performing quite successfully. The years of economic stagnation during the Obama-Biden Administration had been replaced with significant economic growth and opportunity. Unemployment was lower than ever before, and there were more job openings than job seekers. Wages were rising for the first time in a decade. 

While the domestic economy was booming, President Trump was ensuring the global economy was benefiting the United States, finally holding China accountable for its unfair trade practices and putting American interests first. President Trump was confronting China rather than appeasing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

Senior DJ Wetzel says, “I support President Trump because he has the guts to stand up for the American businessman and worker against Chinese economic misbehavior.” 

For too long, the American worker has been the last priority for Washington politicians. The politicians would get rich while the American people would get robbed. 

Senior Isahi Minero adds, “President Trump does not use a political filter and acts as an independent thinker, making him stand out. He speaks on behalf of the silent majority and is a voice for the forgotten American.” 

Through the use of tariffs and the threat of decoupling, China relented and agreed to a preliminary trade deal, increasing food orders to American farmers. 

If Biden wins the election, the CCP will be excited to work with their old pal. As a senator, Joe Biden was a major supporter of China, including its entry into the World Trade Organization and praising the rise of China. While American jobs were leaving, Biden’s family was getting rich. During his tenure as vice president, Hunter Biden entered into a business deal with the Chinese government where Hunter received millions of dollars. Furthermore, Hunter Biden is also involved in other business deals with the CCP-connected businesses including sitting on the board of a company. This summer, Peter Schweizer released Riding the Dragon, which chronicled the shady history of business dealings between the Biden family and the Chinese government—including connections with an individual convicted of espionage. If the Biden family has such strong financial ties with the Chinese Communist Party, why should Americans trust Joe Biden to confront Chinese malfeasance? The president will need to confront China for its role in the spread of coronavirus throughout the world and egregious human rights violations. Why would Joe Biden confront China if it means his son loses lucrative business opportunities in the process?

Joe Biden’s inability to confront China is no different than his aversion to criticizing violent rioters and Antifa. On the campaign trail, Biden and Senator Harris have not forcefully condemned violent rioters and Antifa. While Biden did denounce violent rioting in an August speech, Biden and Harris waited nearly three months to condemn such violence. During the initial riots, Senator Harris promoted a bail fund that bailed out child predators and attempted cop killers. Biden campaign staffers promoted and donated to the bail fund as well. If Biden felt it was not necessary to condemn Antifa and violent rioters in May when it was politically disadvantageous, what evidence suggests a Biden Administration would crack down on violent rioting? Biden has criticized the use of federal law enforcement in Portland. The Obama-Biden Administration was in charge when riots erupted in Ferguson and Baltimore. A Biden-Harris Administration would demonize police; consequently, police would avoid proactive policing, leading to rising crime rates as seen in the Ferguson effect.

President Trump may say ridiculous things and attack people when he should restrain himself. President Trump may not be the most “presidential.” However, the past four years have revealed a different Donald Trump than what the media advertised. Trump was advertised by the media as an erratic maniac, but he has brought peace. Trump was advertised as a closet liberal who would betray conservative principles, but he has appointed originalist, textualist judges who faithfully interpret the Constitution as written. 

On the contrary, the Democrats have become more radical, and the media has become more egregious because President Trump is attacking the institutions that have given them so much power and profit. The alternative to President Trump is a surrender to the radical forces that seek to destroy America. As Michael Anton wrote this summer, “Saving America as a unified, self-governing republic is a long-term—possibly generational—project.” That journey to restore America starts Nov. 3 with the reelection of President Donald Trump.


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