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The Loyola community evaluates equality with the Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism survey

Coinciding with the creation of the new Office of Equity and Inclusion, the Loyola community conducted the Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism survey from Oct. 11-14.

The assessment has been offered for more than ten years by the National Association of Independent Schools, and it provides institutions a better understanding of their social climate so that each school can assess where it needs additional assistance on the inclusive and multicultural front.  

The Loyola administration decided to take part in this survey for the first time this year. The survey was taken by all members of the Loyola community, including students and faculty members.

Principal Frank Kozakowski said, “We decided to take part in the survey to take a pulse of where Loyola currently is on inclusivity and multiculturalism, so we know the path we want to take in the future.”

The survey included questions that were intended to assess the reception of diversity and equity throughout the community. The faculty completed the survey on Monday, Oct. 10.

Theology teacher Michael Shawver said that the survey was not only a productive way to see Loyola’s areas of growth for inclusivity, but also was a great method to recognize Loyola’s strengths in acceptance. He said, “The survey highlights the areas where we are doing a good job and brings to light the areas where we need to grow to be more inclusive of all people and all situations at Loyola.”

Many students believe that the survey challenged them to examine not only the general social climate of the school but also their treatment of others. Sophomore Brandon Wong said, “The survey challenged my overall perceptions of the school. As a whole, it was extremely riveting.”

Freshman Giancarlo de Leon said, “The survey allows Loyola to learn the opinions on diversity on our campus to teach us what we otherwise wouldn’t be able to learn.”

As the Director Equity and Inclusion at Loyola, Jamal Adams said, “I hope that the survey illuminates the current climate of our school. As a school, we should strive to cherish the identity of every individual. From the survey we should get an assessment of our areas of strength and our areas of improvement.”


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