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The Mighty Roar Strikes a Chord With Cubs Schoolwide at Sporting Events

At football games, basketball games and sports rallies, it would be hard for one to miss the musical accompaniment the Mighty Roar provides. The band plays at a wide variety of Loyola events and features a diverse arrangement of musical instruments.

Led by fine arts teacher Michael Celenza, the Mighty Roar is constantly looking for new additions to the ensemble and invites musicians of all skill levels to join.

Emphasizing the availability of the Mighty Roar to all Cubs, Celenza said, “Students need minimum proficiency. Our music is a little difficult but not that hard.”

During his freshman year, sophomore Will Sturgeon, who had never played an instrument before, enrolled in Celenza’s class. After being in the class for a few months, Sturgeon had enough musical proficiency to join the band and began playing the cymbals and then transferred to the bass drum, which Will has been playing since then.

The band plays at home football games, home basketball games, open house, and pep rallies. Additionally, the band is sometimes invited to go to the president’s dinner and the cardinal awards dinner, among other events.

In order to transport instruments, Mr. Celenza described the efficiency that students employ in bringing their instruments. Sophomore Hayden Soule said he enjoys playing at football games.

Sophomore Ryan Zapata said, “The Mighty Roar adds to the game’s spirit and environment.” Brianna Zucker, social studies teacher James Zucker’s daughter, who plays flute for the Mighty Roar, said that playing at different events with the Mighty Roar is fun, especially at the football games, which are her favorite events to play at. She added, “My two favorite pieces are ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ because they’re very energetic.”

The band is an essential part of Loyola’s spirit, whether it comes to sports, welcoming newcomers, or any other school-related events. Celenza said, “Music is magical, and it’s a very old artform that is still alive, and I only hope that we can all embrace it.” The Mighty Roar is an integral facet of student life at Loyola, and represents the profound musical presence on campus.


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